Creating The Perfect Meme? Know How It's Done With Our Step

Memes are one of the greatest symbols of social media. Picking an image from a popular show or movie, either past (Kermit the frog) or present (Game Of Thrones), or from a recent political event, can also help your meme gain traction. Create a hashtag that reflects your brand and must be used on all of your posts.

Video memes require much more, depending on what you want to do. You may wish to use your own equipment, software, etc. Meme pictures, recognizable photos with sayings applied over top, pop up everywhere from Internet discussion boards to email forwards. Once you have the right background for your meme, you an arrange the images and videos where you want them on the screen.

Twitter is another way to perform internet marketing with social media. Edit: I should add that I've found Facebook ads to be very effective in assisting the viral spread of memes and other content. It is possible to create a new viral video experience by adding unique elements to another's work that will set it apart from the original.

You might want to think about social media reach, image shares, new followers or a change in the demographics interacting with your content. Unlike traditional memes, dank memes usually encourage text placement in odd, non-uniform areas of the photo. Viral memes are often based on current events.

But if you just want to make something quick and simple freememeskids — especially using images of an existing meme, like Socially Awkward Penguin — then you can use one of the internet's popular meme creation tools to save you the time and hassle of doing it all from scratch.

There are hundreds of pictures that circulate the net which are used in memes. For example, Facebook currently has its own set of shared image dimensions at 1200 x 1200 pixels, while Instagram is 640 x 640 pixels. Thousands of high-quality images are available for free download that your audience will love along with free graphic editing tools for computers and mobile devices.

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